Guided tours

Woman giving a tour to an audience in an art exhibition.

Free guided tour
We offer free guided tours for all exhibitions during opening hours. Contact us to arrange times.

Guided tours outside opening hours
We offer guided tours for groups outside of opening hours (day and night) for 1200 kr. No limitation to group numbers. We can arrange for welcome drinks (with/without alcohol) and nibbles for additional costs. 

Tours for school classes and university
We offer 30-45 minute free tours for school classes and universities during weekdays (between 10.00 - 15.00). Contact us to book. All bookings need to be done at least one week in advance. 

Photobook workshops
We offer 2-hour photobook workshops for children between age 7 and 15. We have run the workshop for more than 900 children in the past through DKS and public workshops. DKS day rates follows. Can also be done as a drop in workshop. Contact us for more information.

(+47) 9384988