About NŌUA

NŌUA is an artist-run institution for photography as contemporary art. Located in the small, up and coming culture city of Bodø in the Norwegian arctic region, NŌUA is housed in one of the few post-war architecture buildings, built in 1944-48 by architect Kristof Lange. 

NŌUA collaborates with Norwegian and international artists, curators, writers and art historians from the region and abroad, to create a program that promotes conversations and innovative thinking around photography as contemporary art. The program of exhibitions, lectures and artist talks is presented primarily in the space in Bodø, but often out of town and internationally, in collaboration with external institutions. Through the programme, we want to promote relevant productions and artistships, with the aim of giving the public an opportunity to participate in a timely conversation about the issues and opportunities facing photography as contemporary art today.

NŌUA was established in 2017 by artists Marianne Bjørnmyr and Dan Mariner. The space includes exhibition space and a project room on the second floor of the building and a public arena on street level. NOUA hosts a constantly evolving collection of contemporary photobooks which are available for the public to browse, and through photobook related events. Bjørnmyr and Mariner’s own studios and workshops are also located on the premises. 

The program at NŌUA is always free and open to everyone. Follow us on social media or sign up to our newsletter to get our updates, or come to our next event.

Marianne Bjørnmyr (Creative Director)
Dan Mariner (Creative Director)

Julia Hjertefølger (Exhibition staff)
Elvine Hangaas Brenna (Exhibition staff)

Exhibition Space
Project Room
Seminar Room 
Photobook Library

NOUA is supported by: 
Arts Council Norway
Creative Europe