Sheung Yiu (HK/FI)

The Poetics of Science

22.04 - 21.05

Woman on chair in front of green backdrop in photo studio.

The exhibition The Poetics of Science is a two part visual study of science communication. The first part consists of photographs documenting a series of pseudo-scientific experiments conducted in photo studios. Models are invited to perform an experiment for the camera as the artist ‘performs’ the role of a scientist recording the measurements. The second part is a series of photographs studying and reappropriating common visual tropes of scientific imagery, such as sequences, arrows, and scales. Referencing the visual language of scientific imagery and its historical significance as evidence, the project deconstructs the visuality of science communication: its production, its visual language, its poetics, and the construction of scientific authenticity through the use of photography. 

The re-appropriation of conventional visual tropes in science communication challenges the epistemic authority of photography. The multimedia project includes photographic work, photo books, photo objects, writing, and artistic research.


Sheung Yiu is a Hong-Kong-born, image-centered artist and researcher, based in Helsinki.

His artwork explores the act of seeing through algorithmic models and seeing through networks of images. His research interests concern the increasing complexity and agency of computer-generated imagery (CGI) in contemporary digital culture. Investigating cultural ideas and technical apparatuses beyond the pictorial surface, he problematizes the representational understanding of photography. Adopting multi-disciplinary collaboration as a mode of research, his works examine the poetics and politics of CGI, such as computer vision, photogrammetry, remote sensing, and computer simulation. His work is exhibited internationally, most recently in the Guangzhou Image Triennial in China. His work is published in various online photo zines such as ThisIsPaper, Der Greif, Lintroller and Wavepool. In 2017, He won the Grand Jury Prix at Wonder Foto Day and first prize in NTU International Photography Awards. When he is not taking photographs, he writes about photography.

Exhibition opening: 
Saturday April 22nd 1pm

Artist tour: 
Saturday April 22nd 2pm

Opening party: 
Saturday April 22nd 7pm

Opening hours: 
Thur - Sun 
12 - 4pm


NOUA  Exhibition Space, 2. floor
​Storgata 56, Bodø