Out of the Metropolis

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Out of the Metropolis

Exhibition program 2024
Through a collaboration with the European Culture Capital Bodø2024, NŌUA will contribute to develop the infrastructure for visual art in Bodø and will present art productions with several European contributors throughout the year. NŌUA's exhibition program for 2024 is made through collaborations with the Finnish Museum of Photography (FI), DoubleDummy (FR) and the Lofoten International Art Festival (NO) as partners.

The artists presented through the NŌUA exhibition program in 2024 are through their work forging explorations into unknown worlds, new focal points are constructed, in which new terrains are sketched out, creating groundworks for a new kind of visual architectures. Established image structures are scrutinised - the photograph becomes a scientific instrument, a document, a memorial, a metaphor and a myth - creating new logics and values. 

In 2024, NOUA collaborates with the world-renowned Bodø-based Rintala Eggertsson Architects, where they, together with the artists create tailor-made exhibition designs and experiences for the public through each exhibition - using the exhibition space to unfold new stories, situations and realities through unconventional material use and spatial thinking.


Out of the Metropolis
The 2024 exhibitions are part of the collaborative project Out of the Metropolis - Art exchange across borders initiated by NŌUA, in partnership with the Finish Museum of Photography and DoubleDummy. The institutions are working together between 2023-25 to explore the challenges and possibilities for exchange and presentation of art in small institutions in the peripheries.

The artists embrace conceptualisation, experimentation and innovation in displaying their work at NOUA, and are through spatial architectural building creating new connections between the audience and the artworks by thinking on exhibition-making as a critical practice.

The project investigates new curatorial phenomena by challenging the roles, models and functions between exhibition spaces, curators, artists, and audiences in a micro-institutional context. The objective is to strengthen unconventional arenas for art in the peripheries by developing innovative strategies and methods for cross-border collaborative teams, co-production, and exchange of art, with particular focus on economic and ecological sustainability.

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