Film screening: Muségata 2 (2022) + Kunstmuseet (2021)

Kristin Tårnes (NO) + Astrup & Bordorff (DK)


Still image from the film 'Muségata 2'.
Kristin Tårnes

Welcome to the screening of the films 'Muségata 2' by Kristin Tårnes and 'Kunstmuseet' by Astrup & Bordorff at NOUA, Tuesday 30. January at 19.00.

Free admission.
Possibility to buy drinks from the bar.


Muségata 2 (2022, Kristin Tårnes, 30 min)

The film takes us on a journey through walls and time in the historic building Muségata 2 in Tromsø, originally built for the Tromsø museum in 1894. Since the museum moved out in 1961, it has been the haunt of many performers and various art and cultural institutions, and today houses the Tromsø art association and artists' studios. Like a ghost, we move through the building's many rooms, where we get glimpses of the stories that sit in the walls, of people and their conversations and not least of the meaning the house has and has had for its many users.

Kristin Tårnes (1985) is a visual artist who lives and works in Tromsø. Tårnes has a masters degree in visual arts from the Academy of Fine Arts in Trondheim. She mainly works with location-related projects and narrative films. She was one of the initiators of TKF-Loftet Arbeidsfelleskap, and was for several years running Kurant Visningsrom. Her work has been shown, among others, at Nordnorsk kunstnersenter, RAM gallery, Kunsthall Stavanger (NO), Havremagasinet (SE), Tromsø art association and the National Museum.

Kunstmuseet (2021) by Astrup & Bordorff

With the film Kunstmuseet, the artist duo Astrup & Bordorff move behind the scenes at the Statens Museum for Art and have drawn a mournful portrait of the entire Danish art museum in the year 2021. The film was created on the basis of old letters and historical documents in the museum's archives, audience surveys, branding strategies and not least of conversations with the employees. The result is what the artists themselves call a film cabaret, where anecdotes, artistic considerations and cultural political sayings are mixed in a humorous and musical film narrative with a critical sting.

Kirsten Astrup (b. 1983) and Maria Bordorff (b. 1988) are an artist duo based in Copenhagen. They made a breakthrough with their humorous and critical film cabarets, which are critical of the privatization and streamlining of the Danish welfare society. They recently had a solo exhibition at the Statens Museum for Art, and their works have also been shown at Arken, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Holstebro Art Museum and the Munch Museum.