Clare Strand searching for collaboration with Bodø residents


Archive image from fashion show in Godtemplarhuset, Bodø.
Foto: Johnson & Sotberg, Arkiv i Nordland

Artist Clare Strand is seeking seven female, or those identifying as female, Bodø-based collaborators to take part in a new art-wear project for NOUA. Clare will be creating seven unique outfits based on Bodø's photographic archives. Each participant will be asked to wear a tailored outfit on the NOUA catwalk for the exhibition premiering on Saturday 23rd September 2023. Clare is looking to work with people of any age, shape and background.

Through her research supported by Espen Kjelling (Fotoarkivar, Arkiv i Nordland), Clare has uncovered strong historic links between the community of Bodø and the building where NŌUA is based. On October 24th 1953, the Bodø Red Cross arranged a fashion show in Godtemplarhuset (now the venue of NŌUA). The collection was characterised by style and high quality garments: among them were Ulster coats, furs of ocelot and mink, velour costumes, ski suits and Rayon dresses. 

A newspaper article and archival photographs indicate that there were seven models central to the event, presenting the dresses by using tables as make-shift runways, and the stage of Godtemplarhuset acted as a central stand, equipped with decorative props while ‘Brækka’s trio’ played music. During the interval, the Red Cross sold coffee and lottery tickets to raise money for worthy causes. The event was a terrific success, and celebrated the strength of the community. To mark this wonderful community event, Clare will debut new wearable artworks created especially for the exhibition in NOUA, with the participation of Bodø’s community. The wearable artworks will depict a variety of subjects and histories related to Bodø.

If you are interested in finding out more, please contact Marianne (NOUA) at or the artist Clare at

Clare will be in Bodø on a study trip from 3 to 5 May 2023, and wants to meet potential collaborators in connection with her artist talk at NOUA on 4 May.