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Power & Paper

04. September - 23. October 2021
NOUA, Godtemplarhuset Bodø

We are very excited to present the exhibition Power & Paper to be presented in Bodø, together with a seminar and publication launch. For the exhibition we will be transforming a new venue, Godtemplarhuset in Bodø city center, in collaboration with British exhibition designer Tom Lovelace. 


Exhibiting artists:

Clare Strand (UK)
Michal BarOr (IL)
Samuel Henne (GE)

Curator: Francesca Marcaccio
Producer: NOUA


About the exhibition

The exhibition ‘Power & Paper’ is concentrated around issues of photography, official/documented history, individual relationships with memory and history, concepts of manipulation, authenticity and authorship. The exhibition gives the audience the opportunity to reflect on the artist’s ultimate power over presenting different realities and directing the audience’s attention to how we navigate documented, historical material and public archives.

A catalogue with texts from Diane Smyth, Karen McQuaid, Maria Lyngstad Willassen and Francesca Marcaccio will be published during the exhibition opening.