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The online educational program Once Upon a Time.. is created in collaboration with NOUA (Marianne Bjørnmyr & Dan Mariner) and Double Dummy (Mathieu Asselin and Sergio Valenzuela Escobedo). 


About DoubleDummy

Double Dummy is a platform funded by Mathieu Asselin and Sergio Valenzuela Escobedo that creates a space for producing and showcasing critical reflections on documentary photography.

Double Dummy considers that the process of photographic production, circulation and consumption is unavoidably intertwined with ethical and political dimensions: power, identity, gender, race, history, etc. It promotes a critical photographic practice, that is self-aware of its role within the contemporary world/system, and which is capable of offering us ways of seeing that questions hegemonic representations.

Likewise, Double Dummy will consider that the objective of documentary photography is not only to show the consequences of certain events, but rather uncover power structures at the origin of these events. It is therefore opposed to documentary photography as a way of an aestheticized representation of socio-political problems.

In this sense, Double Dummy proposes to rethink the nature and objectives of documentary photography to make it more responsive to the challenges of today’s society. However, we believe this redefinition should be established based on dialogue and exchange between the different actors involved in the documentary field. Double Dummy was born to contribute to this task.