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NOUA has received news from Brussels that they are one of four Norwegian institutions that have received funding from the Creative Europe programme. The support of 200.000 EUR ensures the completion of a three-year project in collaboration with The Finish Museum of Photography (FI) and DoubleDummy (FR).

Audiences in the three cities will benefit torugh the project through possibilities of taking part in seminars, exhibitions and finally a publication in 2025.

"-It is a narrow needle's eye to get through with projects in Creative Europe. There is every reason to congratulate NOUA on Marianne and Dan! They have succeeded in putting together an exciting project that emphasizes that artists can work in all parts of Europe and not just in the big cities." says Per Dehlin, who works with Creative Europe in Arts Council Norway.


Current topic - management of micro-institutions for visual arts
"This is incredibly big for NOUA to be involved in, and an opportunity to work internationally to a greater extent by bringing Europe to Bodø and also Bodø to Europe," Marianne Bjørnmyr at NOUA. The aim of the project is to build capacity between European artistic networks and micro-institutions, and is particularly relevant to Bodø as the European Capital of Culture in 2024 as it will explore challenges and opportunities for the exchange and presentation of art in micro institutions in Europe. With more and more artists leaving the art metropolises to establish themselves outside the large cities, new methods are needed for the production and presentation of art. The project will challenge roles, models and functions between exhibition spaces, curators, artists and the public and at the same time develop innovative methods for cross-border collaboration, co-production and exchange of art, with a particular focus on economic and ecological sustainability.

International exhibitions in Bodø with renowned contributors
In the project, NOUA will collaborate with the Finish Museum of Photography in Helsinki, Finland, and DoubleDummy in Arles, France. In addition, over 20 international contributors through artists, curators, writers and speakers will be invited into the project. Including a number of recognized writers who have previously worked in a number of larger institutions and contributed to several publications.

Three internationally renowned artists in collaboration with curators will get invited to produce exhibitions to be shown at NOUA in Bodø and Arles, France in 2024. The artists and the exhibitions explore themes around the center and periphery, transmobility, nomadism, art and science in search of land. The exhibitions will present distinctive stories and connections between different regions, and highlight the power of storytelling in photography and contemporary art today.

Upgrading the viewing room
NOUA's exhibition space, which opened in Godtemplarhuset in 2021, will next year undergo upgrades and be adapted to a high-level art exhibition space until 2024. Support from the Arts Council Norway and Development and Dissemination Grants from BKH contributes to the development of a professional arena that can national and international artists welcome. And already next year, the public will get to meet several local and international artists in exhibitions at NOUA. "- We find that the audience is very curious and that the audience numbers are constantly increasing. Now that artists can be present at the openings again after the pandemic, we see that there is an extra large interest in exhibition openings where you can meet and talk to the artists directly. We will continue to focus on this, also through communication such as artist talks and informal tours. We are really looking forward to the next few years at NOUA", says Dan Mariner at NOUA.

About Creative Europe
Creative Europe is the EU's program for cultural cooperation. The program is open to a wide range of cultural actors within various genres. The main purpose is to strengthen cultural cooperation and diversity in Europe, in order to contribute to solving common European issues and challenges. Strengthening a common European identity and protecting cultural heritage, language and cultural diversity are important elements in the programme.

Norway participates in Creative Europe on an equal basis with EU member states and other program countries in the EU's neighboring regions. In total, approx. 40 countries. The program provides Norwegian cultural actors with support for collaboration, knowledge exchange, networking and skills development, through activities such as exchange of actors and productions across national borders, joint productions, exploration of new business models and development of digital solutions. One of the goals is to create better conditions for professional artists.