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Marianne Bjørnmyr is a Norwegian artist, living and working in Bodø, Norway. Marianne previously lived in London (2007 - 2016) where she received her MA in Photography from London College of Communication in 2012. In her practice she works with research based photography, concerned around our perception of the photograph’s approach to reality, where the presentation of the photograph is set up against our understanding, interpretation and generated perception of imagery.

Marianne’s work has been exhibited internationally including Daniel Blau’s 5 under 30, The Norwegian State Exhibition "Høstutstillingen", The North Norwegian Art Exhibition and Format Festival. In 2015 Marianne was one of the FATHOM Residents at Fours Corners film in London, and was the same year mentioned as one of top 10 London based contemporary photographers. Marianne published the book ‘Shadow/Echoes’ in 2013, ‘An Authentic Relation’ in 2016 and ‘Beneath the Salt’ in 2017. 

Marianne has earlier been awarded the Juvenarte and Jansons Scholarship amongst others, as well as art grants from Norwegian Visual Artists and Norwegian Fine Art Photographers, and in 2016 she received a two year working grant for artists from the Arts Council Norway. 



Dan Mariner is a British photographer based in Northern Norway. He studied documentary photography at the Magnum affiliated Newport University in South Wales. His main photographic interest lies in anthropology. Within that, he seeks out themes that explore how humans interact with their surroundings and how modern infrastructure and ideology coexists with the natural world. 

His approach to the photographic process sees him working on lengthy research based projects, analysing a story in great detail before committing to the image making process. He is currently working as a freelance photographer, splitting his time between working on commissioned editorial work and developing his documentary practice. 

Dan's documentary work has been published on an international level by the likes of Lobby Magazine, Subjectively Objectively, Thisispaper and Yet Magazine. His commercial work has seen him commissioned the likes of Norwegian Airlines Magazine and Klassekampen newspaper. 
After receiving project support from the Norsk fotografisk fond in 2017, Dan is now working on a long term project and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.