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About NŌUA

NŌUA is an artist-driven arena for photography as contemporary art and a professional and social meeting place for local and visiting audiences. The space is a former grocery store that has been converted into a 200sqm public arena located in Bodø city center. Bodø is a small, up and coming culture city in the Norwegian arctic region.

NŌUA collaborates with Norwegian and international artists, curators, writers and art historians to create a program that promotes conversations and innovative thinking around photography as contemporary art and presents relevant artistic productions and practices. Our program of lectures, exhibitions and artist talks is presented primarily in our space in Bodø, but often out of town and internationally in collaboration with external institutions. NŌUA has a constantly evolving collection of contemporary photobooks which we presented to the public through our monthly, informal photobook cafes.

Through our public program, we wish to promote relevant productions and innovative presentation of high-quality photographic art, with the idea that the public can actively participate in timely and relevant conversations about the issues and opportunities the photographic community is facing today.

NŌUA was established in 2017 by Marianne Bjørnmyr and Dan Mariner with the space also housing Bjørnmyr and Mariner's own studio, darkroom, bookbinding and framing workshops.


The program at NŌUA is open for everyone and anyone. We publish our events on Facebook and Instagram, as well as on our website and in newsletters. As NŌUA does not operate with regular opening hours outside exhibition periods, do get in touch if you would like to come and visit us.

Facebook: @AtelierNoua
Instagram: @atelier_noua
Instagram for framing: @made_by_noua

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NOUA is funded by the Arts Council Norway 2020-2022.

Foto: Nadia Norskott