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NOTE : The seminar 4.-5. June 2020 has been postponed until 3.-5. June 2021 due to Covid-19. 

Seminar registration will be up during the summer 2020. 


To compliment the exhibition Power & Paper we are running a two day seminar program titled Contemporary Photography, Archives and Documented History.

Artists and art theorists from Europe and Norway have been invited to Bodø to discuss their own practices and experiences around the use of photographic archives to contextualise the program. The theme is concentrated around issues of photography, official/documented history, individual relationships with memory and history, concepts of manipulation, authenticity and authorship.

Stormen Culture House, Litteratursalen, Bodø

Achille Filipponi (IT), editor ARCHIVIO Magazine
Emma Bowkett (UK), Director of Photography, Financial Times
Mathieu Asselin (FR), artist
Sergio Valenzuela Escebedo (CL), artist and curator
Sunil Shah (UK), artist and curator

Michal BarOr (IL), exhibiting artist
Clare Strand (UK), exhibiting artist
Samuel Henne (GE), exhibiting artist

Seminar moderator Espen Kjelling (NO) Arkiv i Nordland