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13. - 30 mars 2019

Opening hours:

Wed: 11am - 5pm
Thur: 11am - 7pm
Fri: 11am - 5pm
Sat: 11am - 3pm

Tour of the exhibition Saturday 30th March 1pm. 


The exhibition is curated by Trine Stephensen / Plantation Journal.

Miriam Nielsen (DK)
Inka and Niclas (FI)
Adam Jeppesen (DK)
Marianne Bjørnmyr (NO)

Sculptural Landscapes presents the work of a range of Scandinavian artists with a common interest in the sculptural and abstract qualities of photography. In their work, each of the featured artists approaches the landscape as a phenomenon, encompassing both manmade and natural forms as well as internal and external landscapes.

In an exhibition where the landscape is both a universal fact and a personal affair, the spectrum of visual approaches is equally as varied. Here, images created directly with the camera sit alongside those that are distorted, sampled, twisted and faded beyond it. The featured artists refuse to be confined to the photographic frame, challenging instead the surface of the image and expanding into spatial installations.
Founded by Trine Stephensen, The Plantation Studio is an art initiative and project space showcasing explorations within contemporary curatorial and photographic fields. They curate various exhibitions, publications and events.

Alongside the exhibition, a special edition of The Plantation Journal will be published in collaboration with Atelier NOUA. Featuring a range of artists from the Sculptural Landscapes show, the publication will be officially launched during the opening night.

The exhibition is funded by Nordic Culture Fund, Arts Council Norway and Nordland County Council. 


Trine Stephensen (b 1984, Norway) is an independent curator, editor and writer in the contemporary photography scene, based in London UK. She is the founder of the curatorial space A Corner With, and the collective The Plantation Journal. Trine is currently Digital Editor for a new digital platform for Unseen, Amsterdam.


Miriam Nielsen (b. 1970, Denmark) is a visual artist and curator working with photography, video, sound and installation. Miriam is educated from the Danish Photographic Art School, Fatamorgana, and holds an MA in Visual Anthropology from the University of Copenhagen and a BA from Soas, University of London.

Miriam works within the field of semi-abstract, conceptual photography creating montages, where she combines elements from urban and rural environments. Fascinated by the notion of truth in photography, Miriam often distorts her original images through multiple digital and analogue interventions.


Marianne Bjørnmyr (b. 1986, Norway) lives and works in Bodø. Marianne holds a Master of Arts in Photography from London College of Communication, University of the Arts London. In her practice, Bjørnmyr works with research based photography, and is concerned around our perception of the photograph’s approach to reality. Through theoretical and practical experimentation around photographic presentation, she explores phenomena and visual representation set against our understanding, interpretation and generated perception of images.

Bjørnmyr’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, including Høstutstillingen, Daniel Blau London, Kunstquartier Bethanien Berlin and Aldama Fabre Gallery, Bilbao.


Inka Lindergård (b. 1985 in Finland) and Niclas Holmström (b. 1984 in Sweden). They have lived and worked together in Stockholm, Sweden,  since 2007.

The two artists, who simply call themselves Inka and Niclas, alter the landscape only briefly with slight interventions, according to their own very personal visual concepts. This also applies to the strange colours of the rocks in the snow. We are witnessing neither chemical accidents nor climate irregularities; this is nothing more than colour from a spray can or pink smoke, which tints the landscape for the duration of a photo exposure. Sometimes, it is merely colour filters placed over the flash, which falsify the existing colours. Yet even given this background, the fascinating images lose nothing of their radiance and impact.


Adam Jeppesen (b. 1978, Denmark), first gained international recognition with his “Wake” series, which was published in 2008 by Steidl in book format. In 2009, Jeppesen was nominated for both the Deutsche Börse Photography Prize and the KLM Paul Huf Award. His work has been exhibited worldwide and is present in the collection at the Denver Art Museum (USA), the Danish Arts Foundation, the National Public Art Council in Sweden, the National Museum of Photography in Denmark, as well as in numerous private collections. Adam Jeppesen lives and works in Buenos Aires, Argentina.