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Open for all - welcome!
Free entry


Exhibition opening
Friday 13th May
7pm - 8.30 pm

Photobook Focus in NOUA's exhibition room in May!
13.05 - 29.05

Exhibition of the photo book collection, with new titles and exclusive, rare photo books.

Separate corner for children with mini photo book workshop.

Exhibition opening Friday 13th May 7pm - 8.30 pm. On the opening night, we also open NOUA's summer bar in the project room. We will be serving orange, bubbly refreshments


The contemporary photobook is more than just a collection of images inside a book. It is an autonomous vessel that is constructed, through the use of innovative graphic design, complex image sequencing and text, to convey a visual narrative to the reader. The photobook has rapidly grown in popularity in recent years due to its inherent ability to solidify a photographic series and give to reader the opportunity to return to the project over and over again. While some photobooks celebrate an aesthetic simplicity in the sequencing of the images inside, others work as a catalyst to convey awareness of a certain topic or push for social change through a complex blend of text and imagery.