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NŌUA PROGRAM 2018 / 2019

Photography, Distribution
and Collaborative Commons

Atelier NŌUA's first annual public program examines changes in artistic practices and the constant evolution of infrastructures in the distribution of contemporary photo-graphy. This series of events includes lectures and artist talks exploring contemporary photographic presentation, characterised by both materialism and performative, phenomenological and installation based practices.

- What impact has the evolution of independent and unconventional distribution channels for photography had on artistic practices?

Artists and institutions are navigating new opportunities where innovative and accessible technology, collaborative practices and an evolution of distribution channels are defining new ways of operating within the field of photography. New alternatives to traditional institutional structures challenges opens up for multiple, non-hierarchical entry points into the photographic stage. Institutions and artists are influencing each other in constructive dialogue. Photobooks, independent curators, artist driven initiatives, cross collaborations and satellite projects are becoming increasingly relevant in mediating photography  and art to audiences.

Over the course of the year, NŌUA will host events featuring Norwegian and international artists, practitioners and professionals, creating an open ended dialogue around the possibilities and responsibilities that platforms for dissemination of photography face today.

The programme is kindly supported by:

Arts Council Norway
Norwegian Fund for Photography
Bodø Municipality
Nordland County Council
Sparebank1 Nord-Norge Kulturnæringsstiftelsen


Wednesday 24. October 2018  - Talk : "On the Photobook"

Thursday 25. October 2018 - Conversation / mini workshop : "To Raise a Photobook" with William Løwe Stormdal

Wednesday 14. November 2018 - Talk : "Artist Driven Exhibition Spaces"

Wednesday 06. February 2018 - Talk : "Independent Curation and Satellite Projects"