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Friday Oct 15th : 12.00 - 21.00
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Sunday Oct 17th : 12.00 - 16.00
Thursday Oct 21st : 12.00 - 19.00
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NOUA, The Project Room, 2. floor
Storgata 56, 8006 Bodø

Nathalie Joffre - Film screening

As part of the program Power & Paper, NOUA will be screening four short films from the Frensh artist Nathalie Joffre from 15th to 17th October. The films will be screened in the project room, on loop. 


He told me that his garden... (2012)
Sproxton award for Photography 2012 (sproxtonphotographyaward.org/).
ICART Prize 2013, Espace Pierre Cardin, Winner.
Celeste Prize 2013, Finalist, video, Rome.
British Short Film Festival, Berlin
Les Nuits Photographiques, Competition, 2013


Data History Voyage (2016)
HD video, stereo sound, 7’54’’
Kino der Kunst, selected for the international competition, Münich, 2017


Apparitions (2016)
Video installation HD, sound 5.1. 5’30’’. Loop.


Les Tranchées (2013-2014)
2-channel, projection.11’40’’. Color, sound


About the films: 

Data History Voyage
Video HD, stereo sound. 7’54’’.

Can we trust our »Time Machines »*? By filming the process of an archeological excavation in Dorchester (UK), the artist experienced several mysterious memory disorders. As she started filming the excavation site, the first rushes have disappeared from her hard drive. While observing archeologists at work, some memories, images, objects from her childhood started to resurface. This work questions the loss, the resurfacing, the search and the construction of memory in all forms : intimate, digital and archeological.

With the support of : NEARCH, INRAP, CENTQUATRE PARIS & Oxford Institute of Archeology.


Video installation HD, sound 5.1. 5’30’’. Loop.

Mimes-shadows reproduce, repeat, accelerate, amplify the gestures of an archeological excavation. In front of them, a man is speaking in an unknown language.

With the support of : NEARCH, INRAP, CENTQUATRE PARIS & Oxford Institute of Archeology.


He told me that his garden…
Video triptych, stereo sound. 9’30’’.

Archives tend to bring us back to the past through documenting it but they also inhabit our present. What kind of imprint do they leave on the memory, the body and the intimate space of the one who touches, smells, listens to them and studies them?

He told me that his garden… is the result of a subjective exploration of the archives of Bethlem Royal Hospital and more specifically of one of the first collection of patients’ pictures, taken by portrait photographer Henry Hering between 1857 and 1859. This collection consists of 106 photographs, amongst which, 49 are titled with the initials, diagnosis, and in the case of criminals, the crime of each patient. This work explores the personal relationship one can build with such medical archives.

With the support of : Bethlem Royal Hospital Archives / Museum of the Mind


Les Tranchées
2-channel, projection. Color, stereo sound.11’40’’.

Les Tranchées (The Trenches) explores the site of the «Tranchée de l’Espérance»

( «The Trench of hope») in Commentry, a small rural town in central France formally an important industrial site in the XIXth Century. Today a lake, The Trenches were open cast coal mines where numerous fossils could be found. I found out that, The Meganeura, a giant dragonfly species, considered as the biggest insect which has ever lived on Earth, was found there.

With the support of French Ministry of Culture and French Ministry Agriculture ( DRAC-DRAAF Auvergne video art residency)



Nathalie Joffre is an artist based in Paris whose work (photography, video, installation) explores memory and its construction through archives & archeology. Her work has been awarded (Sproxton Award for Photography, Prix Icart, UE NEARCH fellow, KML foundation fellow…) and exhibited in France and abroad (recently CENTQUATRE Paris, Kino der Kunst München, Museum of the Mind London, CCI Fabrika Moscow..). She holds MAs in art history and theory from La Sorbonne University, in photography from LCC London and in economical sciences from ESSEC. Her current artistic research project, in partnership with the French Prehistory Research Institute, the International Center for Prehistory and the National Architecture & Heritage Library deals with our contemporary relationship with prehistoric painted caves and their related imaginary.