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Tirsdag 18. juni
Kl. 19.00 - 20.00
Bianca Salvo 

Gratis inngang

Åpen bar

Artist talk - Bianca Salvo
The Universe Makers:  Mythologies of the invisible

Bianca Salvo tells about the work with the exhibition and the questions that lays behind the project.  
Sale of drinks from the bar. 

Excerpt from the artists text about the work: 

"It seems like the human being has always searched his answers in the sky. Since ever the unknown firmament has been chosen as the privileged stage of myths, legends and stories; the future of humanity can be read from the stars and his past has already been written in the constellations. Even though the idea of the outer space transcend the direct experience, we do share a vivid and detailed depiction of the so-called universe. Surely, Western culture through media, has oriented our gaze to infinity and has shaped, the collective perception, transforming the invisible into something promptly visible, for us to be seen and believed. Which is the role of photography in creating a shared system of beliefs? And, when the photographic document stops to exist just as an informative record and starts to constitute instead, a promise of alternative imaginary fates, capable to save humans from the contingency of their existence?"